Sunday, August 7, 2011

Green Smoothie Feast - Days 6 and 7

I've combined the two days because they were relatively uneventful.

Day 6

After an 11 day stretch at work, I had Friday off!! *bliss* I started the day off with a left over smoothie from the night before:

This was the banana, red leaf lettuce and frozen mixed berries mix
Then I walked to the neighbourhood grocery store - 30 minutes round trip. I spent the rest of the day making up for working last Sunday. Changing bed linens, laundry, ironing, dishes! All that before noon!

I enjoyed a nap (or two) mid-afternoon and then made my very first kale smoothie:

Curly leaf kale, frozen mixed berries, frozen banana, lime, ginger
I was nervous about this one - it smelled First sip = success! The kale smell was more intense than its taste. Yay! Kale was the one lettuce type I was most excited to try so I am happy it turned out. The batch I made resulted in three of the above glasses.

As I wrote in this post, I began practicing recognizing hunger versus eating out of boredom. I was relatively fine during the day but was challenged when Derek began cooking his dinner. We live in a super small condo so there's nowhere to escape :) The aroma was just too much to resist and I wanted some - bad. However, I knew I wasn't actually hungry. I didn't cave and I am continuing to grow in this area. 

Even when this feast is done, I will still face these challenges as I enter into high raw living. I will still enjoy some cooked food but not likely pasta or soy meat analogs which is what he prepared. I am releasing those familiar tastes from my palate. This is what I need for me right now.

Day 7

Yesterday was church and then the rest of the day was quiet. I napped some more and just relaxed. Derek made some more delicious food and again I worked through the craving. I am very much looking forward to eating a fresh salad with a fragrant dressing! 

Here was breakfast. I brought the rest to church as the service normally lasts a long time.

My simplest smoothie yet: spinach and banana

Green leaf lettuce, banana, lime, ginger. Yes, I love lime and ginger!
Lastly dinner. I loved this combo and saved some for breakfast this morning. Yummy!

Spinach, kale, banana, frozen fruit mix (mango, strawberries, pineapple) 
That was it! I'm happy to be 1/2 way done with Day 8. I have started planning my transition out of the fast to ensure maximum success for maintaining my clean eating raw vegan diet. I'll share the deets soon.

What's on tap for your Sunday?

- Kareen, RD

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