Monday, August 8, 2011

Green Smoothie Feast - Day 8

Yesterday was great! While I still battled cravings, I had the energy for a hike. Derek and I headed into our backyard and went up and down and up and down some steep hills for almost three hours.

Here we go! Trusty green smoothie and water in my bag
It's all downhill. . .
. . . and then uphill!
Pretty, bee infested canyon flowers
I had a small tussle with a bee but he and I made it out without any harm but the scene got ugly for a bit ;)

As is my habit, my morning smoothie was left-over from the night before. Derek ended up sharing it with me during the hike. Great energy booster! In case you've forgotten, it's this mix:

Spinach, kale, banana, frozen tropical fruit mix
Because of all of my hard work on Friday, once we returned from the hike, I vegged out the rest of the day. It was also the first day I stuck to three main smoothie meals. I didn't feel deprived or hungry at all.

For lunch, I went with a bowl of goodness. Sometimes you just get tired of drinking!

I ate this with a spoon. Super filling!
And then there was dinner:

I couldn't even begin to finish all of this. I saved some for breakfast this morning.
I'm at the end of day 9 right now and am so excited to be heading into day 10. It's a little silly but I'm teary-eyed right now. It's been a long time since I've stuck to a personal goal - especially a health related one. I was beginning to fear that I didn't have the drive to continue towards my dreams. I know it's just 10 days but they've lit a fire!

How was your Monday?

- Kareen, RD


eMCee said...

Awesome! I've been juicing 2 times a day after watching this movie. I need to buckle down to a 10 day commitment of juice only! Kudos to you!

i_amEatingRight said...

Thanks Mai! I've heard so much about that movie. Everyone that has seen it seems to be motivated to start juicing. That's powerful! It's on my must watch list :)

Earthichick said...

green smoothies is a food staple for me. I love seeing how others make theirs.

By the way this is chizzy D from

I have a new blog on all things locks that i am pretty excited, check it out. ;)