Sunday, December 20, 2009

Motivation and a Health Check

Last week was crazy at work so blogging fell to the wayside. I used the time to get in my ChaLEAN Extreme workouts but I still didn't make it bed any earlier. My calories and water intake were closer to goal this week. That's progress!

I did keep up with tracking my food on Sparkpeople. If you haven't joined, you should (! It's free and you allows you to track your calories and fitness minutes. I am trying to keep with the pictorial blog but truthfully, it requires more time than I anticipated. If you're interested in what I'm eating and my workouts, friend me (carobchip) on Sparkpeople.

If you are following me there, the foods that I select in the Nutrition Tracker are the closest match to what I actually ate. When I list McDonald's Egg McMuffin, it's a sandwich from where I work that is likely less calories but definitely not more.

In other news, the weight is not falling off. Week 8 weigh-in was disappointing as was Week 7. I have to focus on the changes I have seen: my clothes are fitting looser, I can complete at least 12 "real" push-ups, I look forward to sumo squat burpees and my husband has noticed my improved posture and increased self-confidence. I know I repeat these accomplishments and others often. Remembering where I started and the strides I have made in two months keeps me motivated!

The weight can take its time coming off but it will; there's no alternative! I remain motivated because I will reach my goal. It may take six months, one year or even two years but I will get there.

My metabolism has certainly slowed. Is my age showing or is it something else? I'm tweaking my fitness plan this week and I've also made an appointment with my doctor to ensure that all my systems are go.

This past June, my physician in California noted that my thyroid gland was enlarged. I took a blood test but didn't follow-up on the results as I moved to Arizona shortly after that visit. Not good, I know. I figured if something was wrong, they would contact me but I need to take charge of my health. If it's not a thyroid issue, that's good; at least I will know.

It's a journey. Detours are expected but I won't be derailed!

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

- Kareen, RD

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