Sunday, July 11, 2010

Product Junkie

Beachbody's Turbo Fire was released a couple of weeks ago and the furor has somewhat died down but it reached fever pitch for a few days. I wanted it so bad and I'm really surprised, I made it out of the marketing onslaught without making a purchase. Why?

Well, I'm a product junkie.

The term, as I've heard it, is usually applied to persons who cannot turn away from a hair product but I feel it's applicable to my situation. I'm also sure my hubby would agree with me! Although he's so supportive and hasn't said a word about this little. . . issue.

I love all things exercise related. There are few gadgets, DVDs, programs that don't appeal to me. If it costs money, it must be good! The more expensive, the better the results, right? The problem is that I use the product or attend the program for a couple of weeks before moving on.

I joined a gym recently (which I admit I haven't visited since the first week I joined - so disappointing) because they offer a CrossFit class which, of course, is extra cash, but I really want to join. And then of course, there remains my desire to purchase Turbo Fire.

I don't think I would consider the issue and issue if I followed through with completing each program and even writing a review or two along the way. Kinda like Nicole at The Fitness Freak. But I don't. Well, once I did with ChaLEAN Extreme.

So is it just that I like to spend money where money may not necessarily exist?

As an organization-, structure- and rule-loving type of girl, I am automatically attracted to products that meet any of those criteria. With exercise programs, the fixed timeline draws me in like a moth to a flame. How could I not follow through and succeed? And when I don't complete the program, I always have a valid reason for why I didn't succeed. While I'm not trying to make excuses, I do wonder if I haven't found a home fitness plan that suits me.

I still want to purchase Turbo Fire and I'm still inquiring about CrossFit at my local gym but I'm willing to compromise for our bank account's sake.

I thought about completing a program I already have to justify another fitness-related expense just like I did for Insanity, but instead I am moving forward with purchasing Turbo Fire because I love a good kickboxing program and I love Chalene Johnson's style. The 24 Hour Turbo Kick aerobics class is the standard by which I judge all other classes (and they all do fall short!). So I'll wait on CrossFit and have requested Turbo Fire for my b-day :)

Now . . . what about a Bodybugg. . .

- Kareen, RD


Julie Butts said...

:-) Entertaining post! I always said if money were no object, I'd order everything I ever had an urge to buy through direct mail. I love getting packages! Seriously, check into becoming a Beachbody Coach for the 25% discount you'll get on all Beachbody products. Might help you save a little. Julie

i_amEatingRight said...

Thank you Julie! Truthfully I was a Beachbody coach but had to resign due to life issues. I loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat even just for the 25% off. It is worth it!!

Thanks for the tip and for stopping by :)