Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How do you show love?

"Have you thought about how you will show me love when I'm on a raw diet?"

That's the question I posed to my husband a couple of nights ago. Now, I haven't yet decided on pursuing a raw lifestyle but I know my husband shows his love through his delicious creations or foodie purchases from the store. He paused and said he hadn't thought about it but was appreciative that I acknowledged his displays of affection.

He said he would think about it and I responded if he needs suggestions, I have some :) 

Support is essential no matter what lifestyle change on which you are embarking. I cannot succeed without my husband's support but I also understand I have to specific about how he can best support my endeavors. 

Most people show love through food or feel love from acceptance of their food. It defines the full spectrum our social events: from funerals to baby showers. So making any change to the way in which you eat will likely impact someone in your circle. For the workplace birthdays, etc, you can get away with being firm and declining without an explanation but for family and friends, you may want to explain your goals. I believe once they understand; they will support. They will probably ask how they can help!

When my hubby does ask how he can show his love, I may offer the suggestion that he can still prepare a delicious meal but perhaps from a specific 'Kareen-approved' cookbook.

As you're making plans to improve your health. . . your life, don't forget to tap into the power of encouragement around you. Food doesn't have to be the only expression of love. Speak up and let your family and friends know how they can help you reach your goals!

Keep moving forward.

- Kareen, RD

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