Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Battery is Dead. Long Live the Battery

So my scale has been warning me that the battery is low for at least a month. I ignored the repeated "Lo" messages and, as expectes, the battery died a couple of weeks ago. Well, I have revelled in the freedom from weekly weigh-ins.

During those two weeks, however, I noticed that I wasn't as focused with eating
and exercise. I was beginning to slip off the wagon. Not falling off but holding on by my fingernails with one hand (refusing to be a slasher. . . see previous blog post). At first I felt perhaps my motivation needed a kickstart but no amount of pep talks have been able to get me back into the right headspace.

One day this week as I was getting ready for work, I happened to glance in the direction of the scale and it hit me. It was the scale! With its power was gone, literally and figuratively, I wasn't worried about results because "hey, I don't have to weigh-in; the scale isn't working!" As if the extra food and lack of exercise would have no effect during the hiatus from the scale (I wish!).

Although often maligned, the scale is an important part of the weight loss journey. If nothing else, it helps to track trends and encourages accountability. There are certainly other methods to track progress and the scale is part of that arsenal. A research study of individuals who had lost and kept off the weight revealed that weekly weigh-ins were part of their maintenance strategy.

I'm not advocating daily weigh-ins and not even weekly. I have also studied eating disorders and understand that individuals battling these disorders should avoid the scale and other tracking methods. For those not under immediate physician care or in a treatment program, try establishing a regular schedule where you know you have a date with the scale to see how you're doing.

So, after receiving a new battery this week, the scale is working. Just this morning, it confirmed that I revelled a little too much over the holidays but I'm glad I stopped the upward trend where I did.

Here's to scales ... although I'm not so much loving mine right now :)

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

- Kareen, RD

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