Saturday, October 8, 2011

Raw Eats This Week - Part II

Highlights of my eats this week. I maintained about 85% raw with a couple of 100% days. 

Mission figs with bananas - Great energy snack

More Mission figs with apples and dates this time - delish!

Mango with red onions, heirloom tomato and lime juice

Yummy Apple Crumble w Maple Cream

Crumble topping and maple cream paired with Sierra Figs - great pairing! Sierra figs not as sweet as Mission variety but still very good

Plain Brown Turkey figs. Sweet and big! My fave variety
Protein-boosted green smoothie ingredients

The delicious and filling final result

Romaine salad with avo, hemp hears, red onions, cilantro and dill

Chia Pudding - I want to experiment more with this one and then I'll share the deets
Lastly, I was stoked to see that my favorite romaine lettuce was on sale at Sprouts

Made me smile 
That's the overview for this week. I'm really loving it :)

- Kareen, RD

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Chizzy D said...

it looks amazing!!!

Kareen said...

Thanks for stopping by!